Contract, Terms, & Conditions:

Information you need to know for booking Zoë E. Designs:

 To secure your time slot, Zoë E. Designs requires a nonrefundable 50% deposit, which can be sent through Venmo, Paypal, or Apple Pay, please let her know of your preference. This must be received within 7 days within initial booking, or your date will be reopened for other potential clients to book. The deposit counts towards your final total, with the remainder of the balance due on the date after she's finished painting in the form of cash, card, check, Venmo, Paypal, or Apple Pay, though cash is the preferred form of payment. Please make all checks out to Zoe Elliott. Tips are never expected but always appreciated! 🌈

Zoe brings everything that she needs, including a table & chair. All materials are supplied and included in the cost. She uses high quality, professional cosmetic grade products, which are purely designed for use on the skin and washes off with soap and water, and moisturizer for any stain remaining on the skin.


The client must provide 100% shade for the artist to work under. Typically there will be natural shade at parks under trees etc which is perfect.

Terms & Conditions
Your booking is with Zoë E. Designs Face Painting & Henna, your person of contact is Zoë Elliott who is the owner and artist for the company.







1. Safety, Health, Hygiene: Zoe's top priority. She will be wearing a mask the entirety of the event, guests are not required to. Zoe is fully vaccinated. Hand sanitizer provided & used between each child and on each child. She will also temp check each person in her chair. All face paint used is high quality, highly pigmented, antibacterial, FDA approved, non toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100 % cosmetic grade to ensure a fun and safe experience for both adults and children! Zoe keeps fresh water on hand & adheres to a one-sponge-per-face policy for the best standards of hygiene. Zoe also recommends the event host provides a sanitation station that includes hand sanitizer available for guests to help prevent spread of germs during the event.

To ensure that Health and Hygiene Standards are kept to a maximum, children / adults are not permitted to touch products & equipment on the worktable. For safety reasons, children are not permitted to play in the artists’ work area, however, should an injury occur the artist will not be liable.


The artist reserves the right to refuse to paint any person that suffers from, cold / flu symptoms, cold sores, conjunctivitis, sties, eczema, psoriasis, acne, open cuts and grazes & Chicken Pox or possible infectious skin conditions. She may refuse to paint a person that shows any sign of distress or behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner. She will not paint anyone with a dirty face; however wipes are available for caregivers to use. Lastly, the artist reserves the right not to paint offensive symbols or words.

Though Zoë only uses professional cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic supplies made for skin, she is not liable for any allergic reactions to the products used. Any reactions resulting from products used is at the clients responsibility. Caregivers are responsible for notifying the artist if the child or themselves has sensitive skin in order to do a sensitivity patch test.

2. Cancellations: Zoe requires a minimum of 7 days notice prior to any cancellations or rescheduling. No fee will be charged for cancellations/rescheduling with 7 days or more or notice, however the deposit will be retained. Cancellations or rescheduling made within 6 days or less will be subject to 75% of total fee, and with 48 hours or less of the event date will be subject to 100% of the total fee, payable within 31 days, for loss of income. Failure to comply will result in late fee demands. Zoë E. Designs reserves the right to refuse to work with companies or individuals who have proven to be unreliable with cancellations.

3. Corporate clients:  If you are an agency, you must confirm in writing expected payment time prior to confirmation. Payments made by corporate clients will be expected within 31 days unless otherwise agreed.

4. Parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times.

5. Any loss of or damage to equipment must be compensated by the event organizer.

6. Zoe may ask permission to take photos of children or adults she has painted to potentially be posted onto her social media or website. Where permission is denied, no photos will be taken.

7. Her set up time is about 10 minutes. She will arrive early to account for set up time & inform the children or event organizer when she is ready to paint. You will get the full amount of time you have paid for.

8. In peak season, the artist will often have more than one party in a day, in which case she MUST leave on time. The event organizer is responsible for notifying guests of her finishing time.

9. Zoe E. Designs can paint the industry standard of about 8 faces/hr with sanitation breaks, it is the event organizer's responsibility to book enough time to accommodate all of their guests.

10. Children under 2 years will be assessed as to whether they wish to be painted. The artist might first paint a small design on their arms or legs and go from there.

Children under 12 months will not be painted due to the delicacy of their skin.

Unwilling or distressed children will not be painted.

11. Safety and comfort are mandatory on all jobs and the artist will not work if conditions pose a hazard to their health or safety - this includes but is not limited to: exposure to weather and sudden extreme weather events; hazards such as flying debris, exhaust, fumes, smoke or other irritants; threatening or rowdy individuals; illegal activity and/or use of illegal substances; verbal abuse; sudden illness or injury to the artist. The artist alone will make the decision on whether they feel their health or safety are at risk and will shut down if they feel there is any risk whatsoever.


12. Some products used will stain clothing, Zoë will exercise reasonable caution but will not be responsible for damage to clothing or property by products used.

13. The event organizer will reimburse the artist for any parking fees.

By booking with Zoë E. Designs you accept the terms and conditions outlined above.


The artist aims to provide a fun, memorable experience for you and your guests! Relax and enjoy your party as Zoë works her magic! Satisfaction guaranteed!🌈  

How To Remove Face Paint:

•Wet a dark colored washcloth & add mild soap or baby shampoo (baby wipes are less likely to remove residue).

•Gently scrub design until skin is clean, then wash with water & washcloth.

•If any stains remain, apply oil or moisturizer to skin & wash off half an hour later. The moisturizer should absorb the stain.

•Don't leave face paint on overnight as it is likely to stain skin, bedding, or clothes.