Rates vary depending on which services you choose & how long you book Zoë for your event! She has chosen her rates based off the time, skill, money, and energy she puts into her work as well as competing with local prices. She paints the industry standard of 10 guests per hour guaranteed, & requires a 1 hour minimum, & a 1.5 hr minimum for towns 30+ minutes away from Santa Barbara. Last minute bookings of 2 days or less will be charged an additional flat fee of $20. Zoë backs up her pricing with her excellent skill, quality, and service.

Book Zoë E. Designs for your event today!

Face Painting: $100/hr

Henna Tattoos: $100/hr

Face Painting & Henna Tattoos: $140/hr

Nonprofit Rate: $80/hr

Travel Rate: $40/hr

Time Travel Fee:

0- 20 minutes included

21-30 minutes +$10

31-40 minutes +$20

41-50 minutes +$30

51-60 minutes +$40