Face Painting

Choose to transform yourself and your guests from Zoë's many designs, which were all created by herself for both children and adults of all ages! This can include painting on the face or arms with the choices of full face, half face, eye accent or cheek/arm design. If you have another design in mind, or a themed party, she can also take custom requests or bring special designs just for your party! Perfect events to choose Zoë's services for include birthday parties, family events, corporate parties, fundraisers, festivals, and many more! Book Zoë E. Designs for your event today!

Safety: All face paint used is high quality, highly pigmented, FDA approved, non toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100 % cosmetic grade to ensure a fun and safe experience for both adults and children! All products are held to a rigorous sanitary standard (click here & here to see sanitary protocol), & hand sanitizer is regularly used on Zoë between customers, & on each child before getting into her chair.

How To Remove Face Paint:

•Wet a dark colored washcloth & add mild soap or baby shampoo (baby wipes are less likely to remove residue).

•Gently scrub design until skin is clean, then wash with water & washcloth.

•If any stains remain, apply oil or moisturizer to skin & wash off half an hour later. The moisturizer should absorb the stain.

•Don't leave face paint on overnight as it is likely to stain skin, bedding, or clothes.

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